Is the Trinity Biblical


Today there are more and more people starting to question if the trinity is in the Bible. Many are also asking is the trinity pagan in origin. Others on the other hand do not see this as an important topic at all and yet it can be a salvation issue. The reason for this is not seen until this topic is thoroughly understood, and then it becomes abundantly clear.

This document is written for all denominations and so quotes are given from the Spirit of Prophecy, which relates primarily to the Seventh day Adventist Church. If you do not follow the Spirit of Prophecy, then please feel free to skip over those sections which are clearly marked.

This is a bigger topic than the majority realize, and since many do not understand the implications of the Trinity doctrine, most are put off by a large document that covers all aspects of this topic. So this site has been written to just cover the main points and misunderstandings only. If you would prefer very detailed information, then please read is the trinity true or false and is the trinity Biblical.

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